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SSR Company Profile

SSR established sometime during the month of September 1988 by 3 independent Perth surfers Richard Kelly, Ray Berryman and Julian Groom.

The SSR idea was originally that of retired professional surfer Richard Kelly, who proposed this thought to Julian and Ray while they attended the Melbourne Hotel. Where they witnessed from the beer drenched moshpit a powerful display of Punk / Rock music by touring Australian band -The Exploding White Mice.

When the party hangovers cleared we got down to the business of building a Surfboard Repair Company to assist Perth's growing surfing population and a Glassing Contract Service which allowed us to look at the avenue of working in conjunction with a variety of Western Australian Surfer / Shapers.

After building a network of good working relationships with various shapers the stepping stone to manufacture our own in-house brand SSR had begun and the factory venue among the pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and inner city multi cultural diversity of Northbridge was chosen.

The Western Australian environment is perfect for surfboard manufacturing for an enormous array of surfing conditions. From small wave beachbreaks in Perth to the challenging reef break waves around the South West region of Margaret River, to the power of the remote North West coastline of the state.

The feedback we received on surfboard design from our customer base of underground surfers and performance from team riders on research and development trips was invaluable during this period along with the consistent input and handcrafted expertise of the shapers and craftsmen collective.

From these early manufacturing days we were able to produce a surfboard product locally and progress via distribution to the East Coast of Australia. Then finally launch the springboard to export SSR offshore to Bali - Indonesia and to the growing European surf market.

I would also like to acknowledge some of the people who have contributed to SSR over the years in some way shape and form.

Shapers Greg Laurenson, Colin Ladhams, Mat Manners, Dave Lewis, Greg Noddy MaCaulay, Adrian Shepherd, Mike Campbell, Dave Mannion, Chris Chappy Chapman and Mark Gnech.

Craftsmen Dave Nigs Tomaselli, Jeff Nicholson and artist Rob Allen.

Colin, David and Les Earle family of Surf Supplies / Materials and anyone else that we left out.

Thanks For The Feedback.



1988 - 2000.

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